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Buying 1st Note

Hello Robert, I'm ready to take my note investing business to the next level. Will you please give me some insight on what to do first ( outside of due diligence & making an indicative offer ) to Buy or Bid on a 1st performing note?

Hi LaToya, great question!

First step is to find some assets to begin your review & analysis on.

FIXnotes puts out a new portfolio every 60 days here: Buy Notes but you'll need to be a member of the Note Investor Network or Mortgage Note Mastermind to unlock complete data & make offers. However, we mostly only put out 1st & 2nd position non-performing loans so the next option might be best for cash-flowing assets.

Paperstac has a good amount of re-performing notes for sale. Even if you aren't ready to close a deal just yet, it's a great exercise to find a deal that looks good and complete your research on the asset.

Some other sources of deal flow are documented here: Where to Find Notes for Sale but the absolute best deals are going to be when you build relationships and find portfolios for sale from your own bank, credit union or hedge-fund contacts.

For Note Investor Network, we offer the Advanced Acquisition course and for the next level, the Mastermind members have access to the Masterclass Series, which includes Secrets to Sourcing & Mortgage Note Matchmaker for more advanced strategies on unlocking deal flow (to acquire or flip for a fee).

If you're still working on setting up your entity, loan servicer contract & get your systems in order, the 90 Day Note Investor is a great place to start. Let me know if that answers your questions on what to do first to put yourself on track to buying your first note!