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“Rob is the REAL DEAL; he has a solid grounding in his education, as well as experience and he is a true pleasure to work with. I look forward to continuing to work with FIXnotes in the future and recommend them most highly.”

— Karen Fischer, Note Investor

“Rob is a professional, knowledgeable, and diligent real estate mentor. His note course is absolutely worthwhile as it is packed with useful information for investors of all levels!”

— Patrick Mahnke, Note Investor


Mortgage notes are a nearly perfect investment vehicle. When you own the rights to a secured debt, with someone’s home as collateral, you become the bank. It’s the homeowner’s responsibility to take care of their property and make sure to pay their mortgage payment every month like clockwork.

When you’re secured by rental property, you’re up the food chain from the landlord: whether or not they’re getting a rent check, the landlord makes sure to pay you, the bank, every month to avoid losing their investment to foreclosure. While the landlord is dealing with tenant turnovers, township ordinances, & the continual cycle of destruction and repair, you’re collecting decades worth of interest & principal payments as a lien holder: The Lien Lord

When you become the bank, you step into the shoes of the some of the most powerful modern institutions that humanity has ever created. With their influence and resources, these banks basically wrote the law. And now, as a note investor, they’ve stacked the deck in our favor.

It’s time for regular investors like you & me to take advantage of this historic imbalance! And by confronting borrowers with empathy & understanding (and sometimes a bit of tough-love), instead of through outsourced call center scripts and stifling bureaucracy, we can completely disrupt the industry, resolve a bunch of bad debt while securing our family’s financial futures

Let FIXnotes be your online real estate mentor to learn the secrets of investing in mortgage notes. Start by diving into our award-winning free content before taking the next step and joining the Note Investor Network to take the short-cut to note investing success. Then join the Mortgage Note Mastermind to get to financial freedom even faster.


“I’ve worked with Rob since I was new in the business. He is knowledgeable and as good as his word. We’ve done many trades together and Rob has delivered the product and guarantees he promised.”

— Sandor Lau, Note Investor

“Rob is diligent, professional, honest, and extremely helpful. Now, after years of working with him, I know I can always count on his professionalism and integrity.”

— Noel Scruggs, Note Investor



Hi, I’m Rob,

My mission is to FIX the secondary mortgage market by sharing the tools, best-practices, tactical strategies & knowledge I’ve obtained over the past decade and continue to develop as an active portfolio manager, investor, real estate mentor and expert consultant – with experience now spanning over 10,000 assets; billions in principal balance secured by trillions of dollars of residential real estate nationwide.

Our vision for FIXnotes is a community of growth-oriented entrepreneurs that work together to leverage technology and distressed asset opportunities to create win-win-win results that help:

    • borrowers modify, pay-off or liquidate
    • banks find a market for unresolved loans
    • investor’s families achieve finance freedom
    • make the world a better place



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