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FIXnotes is a specialized secondary mortgage market consulting firm with more than just pricing models and a deep expertise in monetizing charged-off, residential HELOCs and conventional loans – we have cultivated a network of best-in-class Note Investment Hedge Fund partners.

Our network consists of Certified Debt Buyers vetted by top-20 banks, members of the RMAi, MBA & ACA international. With FIXnotes expert guidance, large & small banks alike have successfully cleared their balance sheets of tens of thousands of underperforming assets, freeing up nearly $1B of principal balance in default.

Meet A Highly Qualified Note Buyer

US Mortgage Resolution (USMR) has helped thousands of struggling borrowers resolve difficult financial situations since 2011. As a buyer in all 50 states, USMR has provided liquidity to banks along with the peace of mind that your borrowers will get the individualized attention that the need. They specialize in quickly analyzing & providing competitive pricing for charged-off HELOC and 2nd mortgages secured by residential real estate.


Your portfolio of non-performing mortgage notes is more than just a line item on your balance sheet. Behind every NPL whole loan is an individual or family in a dire situation – your borrowers need an entrepreneurial solution for their financial hardship. Give FIXnotes the opportunity to analyze your assets and advise on the next steps to quickly monetize your charged-off loan portfolio while putting your borrowers back on track with one of our compassionate debt buyers.

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