FIXnotes LLC, 2001 Market St, Suite 2500, Philadelphia, PA 19103

FIXnotes LLC, 2001 Market St, Suite 2500, Philadelphia, PA 19103


FIXnotes is a US-based distressed mortgage debt brokerage and research firm. We provide research & due diligence services to help investors buy/sell performing & non-performing mortgage notes across America.


Most homeowners in America purchase property by borrowing money from the bank. To make sure they get paid back, the bank has the borrower sign a Note (contract with terms promising to repay the money) and a Mortgage (the Security Instrument attached to the property). When a loan is “secured” it means that the home is collateral, giving the bank the right to foreclose and take back the deed to the property if the note isn’t repaid according to the terms.

In recent years, many homeowners (borrowers) have been struggling to pay their mortgage. Even the banks have been overwhelmed with the number of borrowers in default (failure to pay). Instead of foreclosing, many banks sell non-performing loans to investors instead of collecting themselves. This is the Secondary Mortgage Market.

As a point of clarification – this has nothing to do with “Mortgage Backed Securities”. FIXnotes buys & sells “Whole Loans”, each Mortgage Note is a standalone investment, secured by one property & owed by one borrower.


FIXnotes is hiring for many different positions. Here are some of the most important attributes we are looking for in our first employees:

Dependability/Discipline: Our team is reliable, and can get work done without being constantly monitored. They have integrity, a strong work ethic and are very honest. We count on our employees to do their job efficiently and stay focused.

Mindset/Attitude: Our employees have a great attitude. They are excited about our mission as a company and support each other. We are looking for motivated individuals that want to learn & get better everyday. Flexibility and enthusiasm are components of a good attitude. 

Communication Skills: Whether writing, speaking or using computers, communication skills are essential. We expect our employees to communicate if they are unsure about a task or if they have an idea about how to make a process more efficient. 


We’ve just released a training guide for investors in the industry. Although all of this information is not entirely necessary to understand at first, it’s a great place to start to see if this opportunity is something you would be interested in being part of:

How to Invest in Mortgage Notes

Spend some time briefly reading through this guide (once you get to the Due Diligence module, you will need to create a free account). If you like what you see, you can apply for the position below:

Looking forward to meeting you!


Robert Maxwell Hytha