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“Rob and the team run a very professional organization and are well-known in the note-investing world so I have come to trust that I will get what I pay for”

— Lisa Lemire, Note Investor

“I will continue to do business with Rob because I know when purchasing - my money is going to someone that will deliver on what is promised”

— Amed Hazel, Note Investor


The mortgage note business can be confusing! I remember my first day in the US Mortgage Resolution office (my introduction to the industry back in 2011). I was trying my best to piece together enforceable collateral files. Everything was foreign… verifying promissory notes, security instruments and the endorsements and assignments that transferred ownership. I didn’t even know what I was looking at! And there really wasn’t anywhere to go for information, other than the people who had already figured out the distressed debt business.

Once a month, we met with a group of local investors to talk shop & compare “notes” – these meetings were critical to my understanding and eventual mastery of the NPL (non-performing loan) investing business. Without this network of entrepreneurs, our mistakes would have cost much more than the $992k we spent on loans that turned out to be duds. Without these meetings, we wouldn’t have had the skill or knowledge to earn over $50 million and counting from payoffs, modification payments & loan sales across 10,000+ assets.

Whether you’re just starting out, or already an experienced note investor – the Note Investor Network will give you the missing ingredients to take your business to the next level:

  • Don’t stress about uncertainty – join our weekly office hours to ask your most important questions
  • Stop wondering whether you have the best strategies – complete our Foundation Series training
  • Ensure your non-performing resolution process is firing on all cylinders and your cash-flowing portfolio is spitting out amazing monthly returns
  • Connect with other Note Investor Network members for partnership potential, deal-flow, accountability and community.
  • Don’t worry about missing critical details in your acquisitions, due diligence or resolution process – we’ve got you covered
  • Achieve financial freedom by creating a lifestyle business or build wealth beyond your wildest dreams by scaling up, raising capital & deploying funds in bulk wholesale deals

The Note Investor Network is a proven way to meet successful Note Investors & top performing real estate entrepreneurs – we’ve been doing business with some of them for over a decade. Combined, we manage hundreds of millions of Unpaid Principal Balance & tens of thousands of performing, non-performing, 1st & 2nd position Mortgage Notes secured by residential real estate across the country. We work together to level-up and succeed at the highest levels of real estate investing.


Member's Only Forum

Collaborate with some of the top note investors in the country. Ask anything, consulting via the Forum is included in your membership. Let me help you solve your business problems by answering your questions on the forum whenever you need help.

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Foundation Series

Premium training programs to give you the playbook on Advanced Acquisitions (sourcing & onboarding loans), Advanced Due Diligence (pricing & analysis) and Advanced Resolutions (monetizing NPLs)

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Open Office Hours

Access weekly Zoom calls for group consulting – ask your important questions, introduce yourself to the group for potential partnerships and build the confidence to do more deals and make a bigger impact. Get personalized advice & strategy.


Market Pricing Reports

Get up-to-date visibility into non-performing loan pricing & deal-flow. Learn where the market is pricing assets and how to optimize your pricing for competitive bids.

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Expert Presentations

Tap into the Mastermind archives for presentations from our network of Note experts. Access Zoom call recordings previously only available to our top-tier membership.

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1:1 Consulting Rates

Get on my one on one consulting calendar with special Note Investor Network member’s only discounted rates. Personalized advice & strategy to level up your business.





“I wish I had known about Rob and the FIXnotes program on Day 1 because I would have saved months off of my first 9 months to get up and running. It’s just a fantastic resource for videos, documents, vendors & service providers. They also have a fantastic system for acquiring NPLs for my portfolio. Closing is quick and efficient. Just a great process, very high-quality inventory.”

— John Howard, Sleep Again Capital

“What Rob has put together is a really phenomenal group of people and I highly recommend that you take advantage of it. I’ve worked with Rob for at least 5-6 years, we’ve done a lot of transactions together and he is the most trustworthy person in this industry hands down, and I’ve worked with everyone and Rob is at the top of the list as someone you can count on.”

— Josh Andrews, Notable Capital Fund / Author of Paper Profits

“I’m a seasoned real estate investor in the distressed space for over a decade. I came across FIXnotes and it looked like a no brainer to join. It’s been a real boost to my business personally. I’ve done trades with people in the group and have had one-on-one conversations with other members to work through problems. It’s changed the way I view the secondary note space. I’m appreciative to Rob & the group, it’s a no brainer to super-charge your note investing career.”

— DJ Olojo, ASO Holdings

“We have been doing business since 2013. Rob is one of my most trusted and respected people that I work with in the business, we have done many deals together. There are many pitfalls in the business and Rob has always been very honest, straightforward and done the right thing by me.”

— Sandor Lau, Noted Financial

“When you think of the word “value” I want you to think of Rob Hytha. The FIXnotes community lets you connect with other investors, learn of upcoming industry events and watch tons of videos with more information on mortgage notes.”

— Dasia Sherman, Sherman Real Estate

“Rob is the freaking real deal, he’s been doing this for a decade. He knows the ins and outs and exactly how to do this. If you’re looking to learn how to diversify your assets and invest in debt you should definitely do it.

— Brad Hart, Make More Marbles

FIXnotes has really helped us with networking. We love the content, it’s been such great information every month from other member experts in the space. It’s fascinating to hear from our fellow investors. The community has been invaluable and we highly recommend it. “

— Joe & Malena Lopez, JMJL Investment Group

“Rob is not only extremely knowledgeable, he’s also honest. And that’s not something I ever say lightly. I’ve been ripped off before, I’m not proud to say. But I can say that Rob always keeps his words and goes out of his way to help.”

— Scott Siegelman, Transform Properties

“Rob has been a great counter-party and super knowledgeable in the note space. He’s always willing to share and exchange ideas. He’s added a lot of value to my business and the industry as a whole. I’ve met a wide range of members through the forum to expand my note business and connect with new people.”

— Nick Hawryluk, Venture Works


  • ABUNDANCE MINDED: seeking opportunity, unthreatened by scarcity
  • CREATIVE NOT CONSUMPTIVE: net positive value contributed
  • CARING NOT CUT-THROAT: towards the present & future – sustainability
  • INDUSTRIOUS: applying leverage to multiply efforts
  • TRUSTWORTHY & DEPENDABLE: reputation is everything

From Mowing Lawns And Shoveling Snow For his Dad’s Rental Properties To Handling Multi-Million Dollar Note Deals For USMR, Robert Hytha Is one of The Most Sought After Note Business Advisor in the industry.

In the Spring of ’11, my junior year, I was studying marketing and excited about entrepreneurship. One fateful Monday night, I sat through a guest lecture from a real estate investor (Joe) building a Note Business: investing in secured junior liens. As a kid from a family that renovated & rented victorian homes outside of Philadelphia, I was intrigued with the idea of real-estate secured assets. Rather than buying homes, this investor bought mortgage notes to assume the position of the Bank. I knew what it was like for a Borrower, my parents owed plenty of mortgages over the years – it was hard work! Mom & Dad had to keep their units rented & in working order. I would mow lawns & shovel snow otherwise face fines from the township.

When I started buying my own properties, I was in for a treat – the day after closing my second rental, I got a call from the tenant – “sewage is filling up our kitchen sink when we flush the toilet upstairs!!”. Fortunately, with my father’s help, we replaced the corroding cast iron stack with PVC and cleared up the issue. But do you know who made money the whole time with literally ZERO work? The mortgage company. While dad and I wrestled with stinky pipes, the bank did their thing: collect principal + interest. What a deal! As note holders, investors step into these privileged shoes and avoid the hassles of tenants, toilets, townships, and termites – that’s the owner’s job.

While my dad is capable with any power tool, I was more comfortable with the computer. I knew early on that my value to the real estate industry would not be wearing a tool belt – my skills were on the phone, mouse & keyboard. And it was clear to me, I couldn’t miss this opportunity to learn the Notes business. Later that week, I interviewed with Joe & his co-founder Tom. We hit it off and I was hired as an intern to begin work the following Monday auditing collateral files. At first, I had no clue what I was doing but over the years, I took on more responsibility. Thousands of assets later I became an indispensable part of the team, handling everything from sourcing, due diligence, pricing, negotiation, on-boarding, asset management, disposition strategies and process development.

After 6 years in the industry, I was ready to build my own brand by  launching FIXnotes, focused solely on providing value to Mortgage Note investors. First I wrote How to Invest in Mortgage Notes, our 100% free online course, to educate investors on how to invest in Notes the right way. Then I launched our live, industry YouTube show:

No longer an intern, Tom & Joe now trust me with their firm’s entire mortgage note portfolio. Since hiring FIXnotes in 2017 we’ve helped them buy & sell thousands of assets, with revenues in the tens of millions. I continue to play an active role in the secondary mortgage market as a portfolio manager, high-level consultant and trade desk with hundreds of assets under management.

As a culmination & continuation of my career in this industry, I’m excited to bring you the Note Investor Network, a growing group of over 100 investors poised to take their businesses to the next level in 2024 & beyond.

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