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Dec.2023 NPL Cherry-Pick Offering

All the bids are in! The latest (preliminary) Mortgage Note Mastermind offering results are here. Awarded buyers are conducting their final due diligence to close before the holidays, here are the initial, high-level results:

# of Assets UPB total  Awarded Bid % of UPB
Buyer 1 - 2nd NPL1$5,241.27$3,000.0057.2%
Buyer 2 - 2nd NPL2$58,666.71$40,194.0068.5%
Buyer 3 - 1st & 2nd NPL4$28,326.58$16,000.0056.5%
Buyer 4 - 2nd NPL2$280,868.47$190,809.7667.9%
Buyer 5 - 2nd NPL3$70,183.92$35,561.0050.7%
Buyer 6 - 2nd NPL1$10,193.91$3,000.0029.4%
Buyer 7 - 2nd NPL2$115,431.28$69,258.7760.0%
Buyer 8 - 2nd NPL1$216,055.35$43,211.0720.0%
Buyer 9 - 1st NPL1$79,003.00$43,500.0055.1%
Buyer 10 - 1st NPL6$92,900.34$60,390.1165.0%
Buyer 11 - 2nd NPL1$8,231.77$4,250.0051.6%
Buyer 12 - 2nd NPL1$20,873.88$3,000.0014.4%
Buyer 13 - 2nd NPL2$121,797.11$63,764.3752.4%
Buyer 14 - 1st NPL13$106,679.23$49,599.7046.5%
Buyer 15 - 2nd NPL2$213,013.17$110,489.3151.9%
Buyer 16 - 2nd NPL9$365,393.97$202,350.5355.4%
Buyer 17 - 1st & 2nd NPL2$11,938.88$5,900.0049.4%
Grand Total53$1,804,798.84$944,278.6252.3%


53 loans awarded at a blend of 52.3% of UPB. No minimum trade size, so the smallest potential sale is $3k, largest is $202,350.53.

Somewhat unprecedented was the number of awarded buyers! Normally we have ~20 members participate and about 5-6 are awarded loans. This time around 17 of our note buyers are coming away with trades!

Nothing is set in stone yet, complete research is underway, more to follow when deals begin funding!

Thank you for sharing. There is so precious little pricing transparency in the business and for good reason. How much is a note worth? How long is a piece of string.

Many of these results mix firsts and seconds in a single trade. I love the data, but believe it would be even more valuable to go into further detail such as full, partial, or negative equity, states, and separate firsts from seconds.

Struggling to post photo here in new forum, but here is link to a screenshot of breakdown of a previous trade in 2022.

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Anita Iverson

Hi @sandorlau I have fixed the issue with the file upload. You can now upload any file format that is jpg,jpeg,gif,png,bmp,pdf