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How to Find All of the Real Estate Note Deals You Can Handle

And flip the ones you can’t for “table-funded” transaction fees with none of your own money at risk!

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You already know that investing in performing & non-performing mortgage notes is the best real estate secured strategy for lump sum paydays, consistent “passive” cash-flow and discounted property acquisitions so this training will get right to the good stuff…

Lump Sums, Passive Income and Discounted Property Acquisitions

Here’s What You’ll Learn in the Video Training Course:

  • Exactly what I would do to find my first mortgage note deal if I was starting from scratch and had zero connections or experience. (And how you can do the same.)
  • How to setup a Linkedin process using a hidden feature Linkedin doesn’t want you to know about to connect with anyone on the platform
  • The 5 different “note seller avatars” that have all the deals you can handle
  • Why you don’t need to have any special skills, charisma or advanced degrees to start earning transaction fees for deals you source (If you can write at a 3rd grade level, you can do this.)
  • The 10 second “elevator pitch” to deliver your “value proposition” to note sellers to position yourself as an irresistible note buyer
  • Should you ever work for free in the beginning? I’ll reveal my answer in the training. (This is really important to understand.)
  • How to land note sellers without ever picking up the phone or leaving your house. (This works great for introverts.)
  • How to land note sellers at in-person events. (This works great for extroverts.)
  • Why you only need 1 to 3 note sellers to make six figures per year. (And how to choose the right ones.)
  • Why the first 12 hours after receiving asset data is the make-it-or-break-it moment to set-up a successful transaction, and what to do to secure the deal.
  • How to decide what opportunities you should fund versus which are a better fit for a flip to earn transaction fees, and where to find unlimited buyers for your deals.
  • The easiest deal structure to use when flipping your deals to other note buyers when you’re just starting out so you can start getting paid as soon as possible.
  • A positioning strategy to tee-up an advanced deal structure when flipping loans to get paid by both the note buyer and the seller.

This training is instantly delivered in three separate video (+ transcript) lessons on “How to Find”, “How to Fund” and “How to Flip”. About an hour of your time will unlock the skills to change the trajectory of your career!

Just imagine, in less than two hours, you’ll already be on your way to finding deals, building your portfolio and earning transaction fees.
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