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Intro & Prerequisites

Start here to begin your mortgage note adventure! Lay the foundation for a successful investment career.

Investing in Mortgage Notes: Real Estate Investment Strategy

While traditional real estate investing has continued to gain popularity, it comes with its fair share of risks and responsibilities. An alternative real estate investment strategy, investing in mortgage notes allows you to control real estate assets without the common headaches of property ownership. Control real estate assets without the risk. Avoid owning and subjecting yourself to tenants, toilets, termites, trash & townships.

What you’re about to learn in this course is like a cheat-code to profitable real estate investing – moving up the food chain to BE THE BANK. This guide will equip you with the knowledge and tools necessary to become a successful mortgage note investor.

Secondary MOrtgage Market COURSE OVERVIEW

Investing in mortgage notes can be just as straightforward as investing in rental properties if you have the right resources and information. This comprehensive guide will teach you everything you need to know to begin building your mortgage note investment business, either as an active or passive investor. We will cover a wide range of topics, including first and second liens, performing and non-performing notes, and various types of properties.

To follow this course effectively, you will need:

This completely free guide will teach you everything you need to know to start building your own business as an active or passive note investor. We will cover investing in 1st & 2nd liens, performing & non-performing notes, secured by single family homes, condos, mobile homes or vacant land.


  • Understand the mortgage note investment opportunity and the language used by banks
  • Learn about various asset types to develop your investment strategy
  • Discover how to find and qualify sellers and become their preferred client
  • Develop expertise in researching and analyzing assets using the right techniques
  • Master the art of negotiation to avoid overpaying for mortgage notes
  • Learn proper loan onboarding and how to exceed borrower expectations
  • Generate profits by helping homeowners in need and solving problems

This course is divided into five sections with easy-to-follow modules. Here’s a list of all modules in this free course. You will be prompted to provide your email address after a few lessons!


Intro & Prerequisites
FIXnotes Dictionary
Life Cycle of a Note


History of the Opportunity
Note Investing in 2023
Sourcing & Vetting Sellers


Pre-Bid Waterfall Process
How to Make a No-Risk Bid
Advanced Due Diligence

Title Report
Property Taxes
Credit Report


Finalize your Offer
Understand the Contract
Closing Checklist


Seamless Servicing Transfer
Auditing your Collateral Docs
High-Level Servicing Strategy
Proactive Portfolio Monitoring
Advanced Resolutions

Discounted Payoff
Payment Plan
Sell the Note
Short Sale

To get started,SCROLL DOWN AND CLICK “NEXT” FOR module #2, the FIXnotes Dictionary. Leave a comment below with your biggest question about how to invest in mortgage notes!


  1. Marvin Lipper says:

    Very informative table of contents. I am sure that some of your Advanced Resolutions embody modifying a non performing note to make it reperforming.

  2. JatellPRT says:

    I’m excited to learn from this course,thank you for making it

    1. robbieMAX says:

      Happy to help! Please comment with any questions that you have along the way.

  3. wm5sturgis says:

    I’m looking forward to being blown away with what I can do with this knowledge… and making money along the way BUT also being able to share my knowledge and personal experience with friends and family so they can grow their income and become wealthy too.

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