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the SECONDARY MORTGAGE MARKET is rife with illegitimate deals & disreputable ethics

FIXnotes is changing the industry by ELEVATING standards for QUALITY & SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY.

Buy distressed or cash-flowing Mortgage Notes and move up the real estate food chain: BE THE BANK

FIXnotes is a FULL-SERVICE asset wholesaler & research firm, specializing in sourcing, analyzing, managing and liquidating distressed residential mortgage debt. We will help you find and purchase secured loans to control properties without the liabilities of ownership.

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I’m Robert Maxwell Hytha and my mission to FIX the secondary mortgage market by sharing the tools, best-practices, tactical strategies & knowledge I’ve obsessed over since I jumped into this business in 2011.

Mortgage notes are a nearly perfect investment vehicle. When you own the rights to a secured debt, with someone’s home as collateral, you become the bank. It’s the homeowner’s responsibility to take care of their property, and their responsibility that you get your mortgage payment every month like clockwork. When you’re secured by rental property, you’re up the food chain from the landlord: whether or not they’re getting a rent check, the landlord makes sure to pay you, the bank, every month to avoid losing their investment to foreclosure. While the landlord is dealing with tenant turnovers, township ordinances, & the continual cycle of destruction and repair, you’re collecting decades worth of interest & principal payments as a lien holder: The Lien Lord > the land lord.

How is this even possible? It sounds too good to be true!

It’s time for regular investors like you to take advantage of this! And by confronting borrowers with empathy & understanding (and sometimes a bit of tough-love), instead of through outsourced call center scripts and stifling bureaucracy, we can completely disrupt the industry, resolve a bunch of bad debt while securing our family’s financial futures.

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“Working with Rob is an absolute pleasure as he is professional, knowledgeable, and diligent. Earlier this year I purchased two NPNs from Rob which yielded fantastic returns. I will certainly be purchasing more notes in the future as I have discovered how profitable this investment model can be.

During my first two note purchases Rob helped me throughout the process and I would recommend him to both seasoned and new investors. Additionally, his note course is absolutely worthwhile as it is packed with useful information for investors of all levels!”